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CA Final Mentors : Paper 1_FR and AS_ CA Prasad Sir_ Professional Academy Mumbai Paper 2_SFM CFA_Sanjay Saraf Sir_SSEI_kolkata Paper 3_Audit CA _Siddharth Agarwal Sir_Kolkata Paper 4_Law CA _Siddharth Agarwal_Kolkata Group-II Paper 5 _AMA+QT CA_Sanjay Aggarwal _Eten Delhi Paper 6 _ISCA CA Swapnil Patni _Pune Paper 7 _DT CA_Vinod Gupta _VGLD_Delhi Paper 8_IDT CA_Manoj Batra _Eten Delhi
CA IPCC _Mentors at Rankers Choice Group I Paper -I Accounts CA _Sudarshan Agarwal _Kolkata Paper -II Cost FM CA_Prakash Saraf, Sanjay saraf Sir_Kol Paper -III DT-IDT CA_Sanjay Mudhra Sir_Kolkata Paper -IV Law CA_Siddharth Agarwal Sir_Kolkata Paper -V Ad A/c CA Sudarshan Agarwal_ Kolkata Paper -VI Audit CA_Siddharth Agarwal Sir_Kolkata Paper VII IT-SM CA Swapnil Patni _Pune
SFM May 16 Paper analysis by Sanjay Saraf Sir... Part 1 Part 2 sfm paper analysis by sanjay saraf may 2016 Part 3 sfm paper analysis by sanjay saraf may 2016
CA Final Audit Paper May 2016
New Batches for Nov 16 n onward attempts with National Level faculties at Ahmedabad Rankers Choice ..... .CPT----IPCC ------Final call 9979933250 for more details